Since January 2022, I’m a postdoctoral researcher
at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, USA,
and a member of the SH0ES team.

I completed my PhD in Astrophysics in October 2021
Paris Observatory (LESIA) and PSL university,
as a member of the Araucaria Project.

I study the distance scale of the Universe with Cepheid stars.

Recent releases

The Milky Way Cepheid Leavitt law based on Gaia DR2 parallaxes of companion stars and host open cluster populations

Breuval et al. (2020), A&A 643, A115.
As a proxy for the parallaxes of 36 Galactic Cepheids, we adopt either the GDR2 parallaxes of their spatially resolved companions or the GDR2 parallax of their host open cluster. This novel approach allows us to bypass the systematics on the GDR2 Cepheids parallaxes that is induced by saturation and variability.

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